Zombie Apocalypse: Day 149

If this doesn’t stink of police cover-up, I don’t know what does.  This is a zombie attack, plain and simple.  Let’s review the facts over the past month:

Fact #1

October 9th, a University of Alabama student supposedly drops LSD, strips naked, and attacks two people in a car, tries to bite a woman’s arm, pounds on the police glass where an officer confronts him.  Witnesses say that the man, Gil Coller, slowly approaches the officer, who backs up several times before shooting Gil in the chest.

Fact #2

On October 21st in Tampa Florida, an irrational naked woman goes up to two officers at a “social gathering”.  Apparently she had a weapon.  Details are sketchy, but she is also shot dead. Keep in mind this is not far from where the infamous “bath Salts” zombie was shot on a highway.

Fact #3

Also on the 21st of October, in San Fransisco the police were called to investigate two supposedly “drug fueled” individuals setting fire to a house.  The two men were found naked (see a theme here?) and destroying the windows, as if they were trying to get to something inside.  One of the men had a rifle, and the police used this as reason to shoot the men dead.  During their investigation, they found a blood trail that lead to the backyard where they found 3 decapitated birds.  I would imagine they were partially eaten.  One of the neighbors was interviewed, and said it was like his normal neighbor had just “gone crazy” for no reason.

A few things strike me:  1.  They were all naked.  2.  They tried to eat living animals/humans, 3.  The reason is always drugs of some kind.  This seems convenient since to the common person who doesn’t take drugs, it would seem totally believable that they would make you do insane things, and 4.  they were all going after police, and shot by police.  What if police hadn’t been there?  What if they had targeted someone else?  Why police?  Is there a new drug that is truly making people hate clothes and crave human flesh?  This is all way too weird to ignore.

There is someting in the air…oh its excess radiation

I love this story for a few reasons:  Number one, it’s local, number two it’s ridiculous,but number three I think she’s right.  There is a woman in Santa Monica CA that is suing the city of Santa Monica for the newly installed Smart Meters that she claims are making her sick.  Briefly, these meters have a constant wifi signal coming out of them that you can use to charge them with your phone, as well as detecting when the space is empty so the meter can restart.  That last one is completely bush.  You paid for that time, no matter who is in the spot.

Nonetheless, I think she is right to sue because all this excess radiation is out of control, however 1.7 Billion is so ludicrous I don’t even know where to start.  That’s sums up California perfectly:  Great ideas with brainless execution.