Neo-Polio *Update*

As I reported in my last post, there is a strange disease afflicting young people in California that is reminiscent of Polio.  The latest to get it is a little boy names Lucian.  This is the first case in Southern California.  This poor kid had an ear infection at 11 months.  It progressed to the point where now doctors say he won’t be able to use his legs.  This is insane!  Where are all these weird diseases coming from?  How and why is this spreading?  The sad part is that doctors are absolutely clueless.


What is this, 1350 A.D.?

While the Bubonic Plague hit it’s stride in the late 14th century, this is not the first time we have covered it here at the FFP.  Remember back in September of last year we talked about a girl in Colorado who contracted this rare disease, and was successfully diagnosed and treated.  Unfortunately this is not the case in Madagascar.  There, the Bubonic plague has found new life.

Here is what it looks like under a microscope for those that are curious.  NOT ACTUAL SIZE:

bubonic plaguebubonic plague

bubonic plague


Overcrowding and a large rat population are contributing factors to it’s epidemic-like spread.  Remember that the disease is spread by fleas on rats.

fleaRemember these little bastards are hard to kill, and hard to see.  Obviously this picture is not to scale.   We are not that far away from an epidemic of antique diseases here in the U.S.  Just look at the large number of Measles outbreaks in the U.S. this year.

Brain Eating Amoeba’s

I have reported on this supposedly rare condition two times (here and here) in the past year.  Doesn’t seem so rare.  The brain eating amoebas are still getting airtime.  This time, it is in Florida.  A 12 year-old boy was kneeboarding (whatever that is) with friends and became infected.  The weird thing is that the amoeba only lives in freshwater, AND you can drink contaminated water, just not get it in your nose (which is close to your brain).  The reasons are not understood, but under rare conditions this amoeba causes brain inflammation and the deterioration of brain tissue.

2 strains of flu (pincher attack)

As most of my avid readers know, I am strangely obsessed with various strains of super viruses and diseases that have become prevalent over the past few years.  Recently I have been following two strains, the H7N9 Avian Flu, which is a beefed up version of the 2009 H1N1 Avain FLu that made everyone scramble to the vaccination booths, as well as the new strain of SARS that has appeared in Saudia Arabia and then on to Britain and France.   I have avoided really going into this, as some of these get elevated to “Pandemic” levels and are really not much of a threat at all (Both previous versions of said afflictions).  This case was a little different.  This article will update you on all that was said previously.   The thing that really got my attention was the article I read on how China is CREATING these various animal related viruses in vet labs.  They are looking for the most virulent strains, making them worse, and figuring out how to cross breed them with Human Influenza.  I can’t tell if this is just pure stupidity, wanton disregard for humanity, or a more malicious attempt at creating a bio-weapon.