Unmanned Drone on Drone Crime

Recently, an unmanned Reaper drone, a top of the line military aerial vehicle, shot down a target drone with a missile.  This is the first time in history that an unmanned craft has shot down another unmanned craft.  It is only a matter of time before these move from “unmanned” to “AI controlled”.  Keep in mind this was a military exercise, not something that happened on the battlefield, but it is a watershed moment.


Dissecting the flirt (how romanitcal)

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of flying babies whose job it is to get men and women together to make more (flying) babies.  I guess they also get men and men together, and sometimes women and women, but not necessarily with the intention of making babies.  These cherubs have no interest in getting dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other animal together, which seems very short sighted and speciesist, since they are capable of love as well.  I have gotten way off topic.

Flirting.  We all do it, no matter how awkwardly.  Even if we are married, or seeing someone, we are all guilty of an innocent flirt.  Why do we do it?  “To get laid” was my answer, but apparently that is not always true.  NIU Professor and sexual specialist David Henningsen, has been studying this topic for years.  It turns out we have several reasons for flirting:  to get laid (I was right), to test the waters with a current friend and possible potential mate, or even simply to build self-esteem or get something you want.

Check out the article.   You may be doing it (flirting, not sexual intercourse), and not even know it.

Saudi Arabian Sars *UPDATE* 2/12/13

As I reported last year, a strange outbreak of SARS linked to Saudi Arabia has claimed a 10th victim.  This article is either alarmist, or something else is going on.  10 people is not a lot, especially compared to this terrible flu season.  On top of that, this disease is not contagious human to human.

What makes this particular strain so deadly is the acute attack on the kidneys and the lungs.

The Bad Barbies? I like The Grungy Girl Gang much better

I think we all remember my recent Hollywood pitch for a buddy comedy called “The Grungy Girl Gang” based on the antics of a silly all girl gang in Florida (catch up here, here and here).  Well it turns out there ANOTHER all girl gang, except this one is significantly less fun-loving.  In New York City, there is a group of girls who call themselves “The Bad Barbies”.  These girls are legitimately dangerous, as they are being brought up on serious crimes such as murder, racketeering, and armed robbery.

What I find truly offensive is their name.  Bad Barbies?  I think “Badass” is a little better.  Why Barbie?  For generations, Barbie has been the Arian race poster child, a tall, leggy blue-eyed, blonde bimbo with huge boobs.   Her physical proportions are not compatible with proper balance.  Hardly the body type for ruthless killer.  Secondly, Barbie (Post Feminist movement) promotes female leaders.  Legitimate career-oriented women.  There is no “Gang Leader” Barbie, or “Prison Snitch” Barbie.  Now Skipper I can see doing that, but Barbie?  Don’t be silly.  Thirdly and most importantly BARBIE IS WHITE!  These gang members are Latin.

As stupid as they are, I have to give them credit:  They are generating a lot of buzz for my movie.

The *Almost* Zombie Apocalypse: The Plague Ship

Holy crap!  The end of the world is nigh.  Now scary would this be?  A Carnival Cruise ship was contaminated with a Norovirus vomiting bug.  Estimates are 400 were sickened, although the official word s only 6.  Can you imagine this?  You want to get away but it takes the better part of a year to save up some extra cash.  “A cruise is cheap” you think, plus you can sail on the relaxing ocean and eat and drink all day.  Sounds like a paradise…until everyone starts dropping like flies, and vomiting everywhere.  If you are a paranoid lunatic like me, you are convinced some viral outbreak has been released on board, and it is only a matter of time before you are struck down.  The obvious choice?  To self-quarantine, and zombie movie caliber preparation.

There was a game released last year entitled “Dead Island”.  It is a beach resort that has been overrun by a zombie plague.  You play a character that in immune to this particular virus.  A sequel was just released.  The setting?  A cruise ship.  Yup.  My thoughts exactly.

I’m just giving you the dots.  It’s your job to connect them.