Neo-Polio *Update*

As I reported in my last post, there is a strange disease afflicting young people in California that is reminiscent of Polio.  The latest to get it is a little boy names Lucian.  This is the first case in Southern California.  This poor kid had an ear infection at 11 months.  It progressed to the point where now doctors say he won’t be able to use his legs.  This is insane!  Where are all these weird diseases coming from?  How and why is this spreading?  The sad part is that doctors are absolutely clueless.


Return of the Attack of the Zombees


As I reported a year and a half ago, the bee brain eating parasite is now spreading across the U.S.  This is the same fly that injects its eggs into the honey bee, then the eggs hatch, and the bee, being eaten from within, starts to act like a zombie.  At least that is what these reports are saying.  I mean, are they acting like a Haitian Vodou zombie?  Are they acting like George Romero zombies (which are really ghouls)?  Are they eating honey bee brains (which judging by the name should be sweet) instead of just honey?
I think they should be called Al-bee-ins since it is more akin to the facehugger of the famous extraterrestial franchise.

On a serious note, how much crap is nature going to through at the VERY necessary Honeybee?  I mean they have been in decline since 2004, and they are required for our basic survival.  Without pollinators, the food system will collapse, and that is not hyperbole.  If that happens, it is us that will have to then turn to eating brains to survive.

What is this, 1350 A.D.?

While the Bubonic Plague hit it’s stride in the late 14th century, this is not the first time we have covered it here at the FFP.  Remember back in September of last year we talked about a girl in Colorado who contracted this rare disease, and was successfully diagnosed and treated.  Unfortunately this is not the case in Madagascar.  There, the Bubonic plague has found new life.

Here is what it looks like under a microscope for those that are curious.  NOT ACTUAL SIZE:

bubonic plaguebubonic plague

bubonic plague


Overcrowding and a large rat population are contributing factors to it’s epidemic-like spread.  Remember that the disease is spread by fleas on rats.

fleaRemember these little bastards are hard to kill, and hard to see.  Obviously this picture is not to scale.   We are not that far away from an epidemic of antique diseases here in the U.S.  Just look at the large number of Measles outbreaks in the U.S. this year.